ERION KRUJA – from Hofesh Shechter Dance Company
3 days studying / December 17th – 18th – 19th from 1:00pm till 4:00pm
Contemporary class and research exploring all possibilities of our body to find new movements, new quality; turn on your imagination creating and improvising, letting go the body and following emotions and feelings;

Erion Kruja lead the classes. After being inspired from many choreographers during these years, is now researching and developing his own way of movement.
Come to enjoy this opportunity at OPIFICIO.

Apply to the event through the application form herein:
– 3 days of workshop

until November 30th full workshop: €120,00

from December 1st full workshop: €140,00

►INSURANCE (if you don’t have already our insurance for 2018):
– €20,00

Please note: all students for the workshop have ballet class (from 11:30am till 1:00pm) for €3,00

– All people applying to the workshop must wait for response email by OPIFICIO before doing the payment.
– The balance must be paying within 5 days from the confirmation by email from OPIFICIO.
– After 5 days your spot will be lost.
– If balance won’t pay, the deposit will considered lost, to the exclusion of the serious events and health reasons documented by medical certificate.
– Payments can be made at Opificio’s reception (from Monday to Friday 10:00 am/9:00 pm – Saturday 3:30 pm/7:30 pm), or by bank transfer to:

IBAN: IT 81 S 02008 05130 00010 2480477
(Send a receipt of the transfer to info@opificioinmovimento.com)

BIO / Erion Kruja

Erion was born in Albania (Tirana) where he studied at National Ballet School and danced in the National Theater of Opera and Ballet.
Also he worked with Compagnie Linga Lausanne (Switzerland) under the direction of Marco Cantalupo and Kartazyna Gdaniec., Theatre Chemnitz (Germany) and Stadt Theatre Bern (Switzerland), and he is currently working with Hofesh Shechter Company in London UK.
After being inspired from many choreographers during these years Erion is now researching and developing his own way of movement.

For all informations and detail call:
+06 78344705
or email: info@opificioinmovimento.com